FAQs About the Harley-Davidson of Kingwood Riding Academy

  • 1. What is The Riding Academy?
    The Riding Academy is an MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) approved course. We use the same curriculum with additional content and activities added to provide a true Harley-Davidson® Experience. Our students have a more one on one personal training in a relaxed class and range environment. We take the time to help our students' confidence and skills grow during the course.

  • 2. How long is a New Rider Couse?
    Only 20 hours spread over one evening and two days. Not so quick you don't have time to learn all the basics, but not so long you find yourself bored. The minimum content hours are 5-hours of classroom and 10-hours of on-cycle practice. Hours vary depending on class size. However, we add time over 3 days so the students are not ‘rushed’ through the course.

  • 3. Isn’t there a ‘new’ course?
    Yes, the State of Texas has transitioned to a new curriculum that includes an online portion. You are required to complete the 3-hour e-Course prior to attending class yet still have the 5-hour minimum of class content and 10-hour minimum range content.

  • 4. Why does the Riding Academy cost more than those ‘other’ places?
    We feel we are providing you a premium course and a Harley-Davidson® experience. We do not just ‘churning out’ students with minimum contact. We use various forms of material presentation and activities. You don’t just sit there in a classroom and watch a PowerPoint. Again, we DO NOT rush you through a class. We want every student to enjoy the class and remember favorably.

  • 5. How many people will be in my class?
    The classes are a maximum of 10 students with 2 instructors. Some classes may be 6 students with 1 instructor. This allows more one on one instruction.

  • 6. Do you offer any discounts?
    Sometimes!!! Check our webpage or call the Riding Academy Manager to see if there is a special or promotion in effect.

  • 7. Do I need my own motorcycle?
    No. We provide you Harley-Davidson® Street 500 motorcycle. Each one has a special vehicle protection kit on them as well to minimize damage should it be dropped during an exercise. We do not allow personal motorcycles to be used in the New Rider Course. This is because we don’t want our students worrying about what could happen if they were to drop their motorcycle. Remember if you don’t have your M endorsement, you would have to get your motorcycle to the range and risk getting pulled over by Law Enforcement. Some insurance companies will not cover damage incurred during training.

  • 8. What gear do I need?
    All students must provide the following:
    • A helmet that is DOT approved and in good condition
    • Eye protection: a face shield, goggles, eyeglasses, sunglasses
    • Long sleeve shirt or jacket
    • Long pants (jeans preferred)
    • Full finger gloves
    • Over the ankle boots/shoes

    If you need any gear, feel free to ask for assistance from our Motor Clothes department to find the right gear.

  • 9. Do I need to bring food or snacks?
    We will provide lunch for the first full day of class or range. You are welcome to bring any food, drink, or snacks if you wish. On the second full day of class/range, you will need to bring/purchase your own lunch.

  • 10. What about the weather?
    We will train in all weather: hot, cold, rain or shine. Be sure to be prepared for this. If the weather is forecasted to be hazardous before a class, we will contact you with further instructions. If the weather turns hazardous during a course, our Coaches and Staff will make sure the conditions are safe to continue. If not, we will cancel and reschedule the class at no charge.

  • 11. What if I can’t attend the class I registered for?
    We understand things happen. If you know in advance you won’t make your class, please contact the Riding Academy Manager as soon as possible to reschedule for a future date. If you do not show up for the course or arrive late, you cannot be allowed into the course (per Texas DPS regulations), and you will forfeit your fees. Please see our Riding Academy Policies for further details.

  • 12. What if I fail the written or skills test?
    Failure of the written test or the on-cycle skills evaluation is a failure for the entire course and will require a complete repeat of the course.

  • 13. I already know how to ride. Why should I take the New Rider course?
    Per the Texas law, you must take a motorcycle safety course to qualify for your M endorsement. We have students from never been on a motorcycle to been riding ‘forever’ and ALL of them have said they learned something from the course.

  • 14. Will I have to take a test at the DPS office?
    Depends. If you are 18 years old or older, no. The MSB-8 certificate you will be issued will allow you to be exempt from testing at the DPS office. If you are under 18 years old, you must take the driving portion of the test at DPS. This is per the Texas law. You have 2 years from the date your MSB-8 is issued to have your M endorsement added to your license.